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Krvavý Johann

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Johann Faust comes back to life. After centuries spent in darkness he unleashes a night of terror in Prague, with vampires, zombies and mutants. This time, Faust has a new obsession - to get even with his past life and his family. There is also the devil Mephistopheles, who controls everything like a puppeteer from afar. The film based on Goethe's iconic work and unpublished, short stories by F. Kotleta and K. Sněgoňová presenting bloody cocktail of horror and fantasy.
A horror film based on short stories by František Kotleta and Kristýna Sněgoňová.
Written and directed by
Jakub Krumpoch
Orbis Pictures
and MOVIE FACTORY s.r.o.
Rudolf Merkner
a Kurt Neubauer
Martina Babišová, Jana Bernášková, Lenka Vlasáková, Věra Janků, Marek Holý, Roman Zach,
Jiří Ployhar, Jan Dolanský, Antonia Sainz, Brittany Bardot, Lukáš Tran, Ester Kočičková,
Petr Rychlý, Viktória Pejková a další...
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In 2021, after completing the short film EVA, Jakub Krumpoch and Kurt Neubauer approached producer Ruda Merkner (Orbis Pictures) with the idea of making a feature-length horror film. At the time, Jakub Krumpoch was working on a feature-length horror script with the famous duo of Czech fantasy writers, František Kotleta and Kristýna Sněgoňová. However, the script and the film itself needed a lot of work and was too expensive to make, and it was at a time when films were not made, because it was the time of the Covid-19 pandemic. František Kotleta and Kristýna Sněgoňová came up with the idea of making a film of their six short stories, which had not yet been published. Jakub then connected them with the classic works of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe: FAUST. And so the original idea and theme for Bloody Johann was born.

Jakub Krumpoch then worked on the script for two months, and after the approval of the producer and dramaturge of the project, Ruda Merkner, and with the consent of the authors of the short stories (Kotleta and Snegoňová), the shooting began in September 2021 and ended in May 2022. The financing of the production was split between Orbis Pictures and Movie Factory (Kurt Neubauer, Jakub Krumpoch). Pavel Strouhal from PS Forwarding also joined the project. In order for the film to be made, all the actors waived their claim to royalties in favour of the production of the film and took a percentage of the film's profits instead. Thanks to this, the film was made in 8 months, 22 shooting days, including reshoots. After that, there was a long post-production process, where the film was edited, special effects were done by Film Studio Dolní Vítkovice (Jan Tegláš) and finally the composer Darek Král joined the team and wrote and recorded the original music for the film. In March 2023, the film was completed and offered to Czech and foreign distributors.

Bloody Johann was first presented and released to the public in April 2023, at a gala preview at Comic Con Prague 2023. The event was attended by the cast and creators, including writer František Kotleta. The 90-minute film received a long applause accompanied by a standing ovation when it ended.





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